You are brand new to the fashion industry and don't know the fashion jargon or terminology. You're not alone! Hopefully, this blog post will help you learn fashion terms used in fashion photography and modelling.

Beauty model in a studio

Photo by Canva

Test Shoots:

The first thing I want to talk about is test shoots - these are ideal for building your portfolio because they let you try different techniques with a model, makeup artist and stylist. They also allow you to experiment with varying clothing options without costing too much money. In addition, test shoots tend to be free, a mutual benefit for the creative team involved in building each other's portfolios.

Tear Sheet

Pages from a publication are called tear sheets. I've requested tear sheets from magazines that have published my work. Companies send digital versions that I find handy as I market my work online rather than in a physical portfolio. Working for publications to acquire credits is a great way to get your foot in the door.


Moodboards are like a visual blueprint for the project you're working on and can act as an effective tool in communicating with others about your vision. Mood board allows photographers to share their ideas more clearly than words; they provide the instant gratification that is impossible when trying to put thoughts onto paper or screen alone! To ensure everyone's inputs matter (and isn't just one person's vision), use these boards effectively by including input from all relevant parties, such as clients/artists/creatives who will have an investment interest in the shoot.

Photo by Canva

New Face/Fresh Faces

Models at an agency that are new and developing within the industry must update their portfolios. I've used a few modelling companies, such as Bame ModelsMilk Model Management and Forte Sports Management. This is advantageous when I want to experiment and try something new to improve my portfolio. The agency benefits from 2-4 fresh images of their model. The models will gain valuable experience and confidence, which is highly important. 

Call Time

The call time for the photoshoot is flexible. There can be different times allocated to each creative team member, depending on their availability and what we need from them at any time!

Behind-the-scenes of photographer taking a picture of a model in the studio

Photo by Canva


The behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Some people might not want to get too involved with what is happening, but others love seeing how their favourite photographer/artist/creator works and creates public content!


The fashion industry is booming for photographers, makeup artists, and models. It's essential to know the terminology of this industry to be successful as one or all three. Learning these terminologies will help you leap ahead of your competitors by understanding what clients are looking for when hiring someone like you! Have you familiarized yourself with any of these terms? If not, reach out, and I can mentor you as a professional photographer.