It would help if you had a headshot that captures who you are and what sets you apart to stand out from the crowd. A good headshot tells your story in a single image. A great one does so even more effectively. Headshots are an essential part of any business's marketing strategy. They can be used in social media, on websites or anywhere where displaying your face is necessary for your brand image.

For Professional Headshots, Clients have two options: a location session and/or a studio session.

Clients have the option to choose a location session or a studio session. Location sessions are great for business professionals who want to show up in their office or workplace and be photographed. Studio sessions are more formal but cost more than location sessions.

Location session business headshots

Location photoshoots can be a perfect decision for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing professionals, realtors, brokers, attorneys and many more businesses or professions.

Location sessions are perfect for people looking to show off their business, brand and products in a natural setting.

Location sessions can be done at your office, home or even outdoors. They are also ideal for entrepreneurs who want to show off their business through photos that capture the everyday work environment. Location sessions are also great for realtors, brokers and attorneys who want to showcase their listings in an authentic way that shows off what they do best!

Corporate Headshots tend to be sessions in the studio.

Corporate clients tend to have their sessions in the studio, a professional photography setting that produces consistent, high-quality images that can be used across multiple platforms. The session sometimes includes wardrobe styling and hair and makeup. What does this mean for you? It means your corporate headshot will look great on your website, LinkedIn profile, business cards or anywhere else you want to use it.


As you can see, taking a headshot is no longer just for actors and models. Anyone can benefit from having a headshot taken for professional or personalit'ssons. Finding a good headshot photographer who will work with you until it's perfect is the key to taking perfect picture. Why not check out my portfolio of work and see whether I'm suitable for you and your business?