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Boyd Visuals is a blog page that offers insight into the photography world and helps people be inspired. Here you can follow new trends, techniques, hacks and much more!

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Hello there!

I'm Darren, and I created this blog to give you insight into the world of photography. Whether you're a photographer or just interested in the subject, I hope this page will help you better understand what goes into creating beautiful photos.

If you're a photographer looking to improve your craft, take some time to read through my posts—there will be tips on editing and using filters, as well as tutorials on how to take portraits and weddings. You will also learn how to make your own presets, saving time and being extremely useful when working on large projects.

And if you're not a photographer but want to learn more about what goes into a headshot for actors, check out my tutorials on Everything Every Actor Should Know. These posts will show you what you need to know when booking a professional photographer for your headshots.