I'm a Portrait Photographer, an official Nikon Creator and an Ambassador for Rotolight.

“Crafting soulful portraits, where my love for people meets photography, each shot meticulously handcrafted from click to retouch.”

The need for striking and engaging images should be viewed as vital. We now live in an age where businesses, brands, and influencers fail because they lack social presence. Portraits should be taken seriously because great content, rankings, and algorithms strongly determine an online presence. Of course, what you're reading isn't a lecture about Google rankings or social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Still, I want you to understand that in a world that has been struck by the business-crippling, life-taking disease called Covid, everyone looking to succeed must be prepared to work differently. This is why portraits and videos are critical to your business's success.


Hi, my name is Darren Boyd, and I am so excited to share my mini-story with you. I feel blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to do something I genuinely love doing, and that is portrait photography.

Believe it or not, the urge to take photos wasn't my main focus in life! Instead, my creativity started with the pen and paper, then upgraded to colouring pencils, followed by the paintbrush and then the Apple desktop computer (Graphic Design). However, it wasn't until I enrolled to obtain a BA at Kingston University that I picked up my first professional camera and poorly framed my first shot.

What I truly enjoyed about photography was the experience of developing film! Alone in the darkroom, waiting eagerly for the result, surrounded by the smell of photographic chemicals, strange as it may sound, brought an element of excitement.

After graduating in Graphic Design and Photography, I worked as a Designer for Pearson Education, where I found happiness growing as a designer. Six years later, I was headhunted by Macmillan Publishing. During my stint at the company, I had that annoying itch of being unfulfilled. My growth potential was reaching its ceiling, so I challenged myself to take photography to another level. Besides, photography at that time was a side hustle, a paid hobby that gave me that quick fix. So I stopped depending on my career and started focusing on what made me happy. So, unlike some professional portrait photographers, I love what I do, and I’m qualified in both photography and retouching.  

How I can help you as your personal photographer

A recurring inquiry frequently posed by my clients is the challenge of locating professional portrait photographers near me who can effectively imbue substance and meaning into their brand. I genuinely empathize with their frustration.

As a photographer, I consistently adopt a creative stance in every shoot I undertake. Moreover, I place great emphasis on fostering a highly collaborative and inclusive environment with my clients, ensuring the delivery of premium work that resonates with their unique vision and brand identity.

I am passionate about delivering quality images that inspire my clients to go further. To do this, I create safe spaces where the subject can be themselves, and I can capture the spirit of this for them to take away.

I want every photo shoot to be an experience where clients leave feeling excited, positive, and confident, and I can ensure those feelings are echoed in the images produced. 

I'm currently helping businesses, celebrities and models with corporate headshots, developing model portfolios, and arranging fashion shoots that fit their personal branding. 

I also have the capacity for long term partnerships to develop social media marketing material that will help grow your business across all social media platforms. 

My work requires me to travel often. I currently work between Hampshire and the London area. However, I'm more than willing to travel if needed. So if you're looking for a London portrait photographer or a photographer in Petersfield, or if you're searching for 'studio photographers near me,' whatever the location, rest assured that I can deliver the photoshoot you desire in a professional and timely manner.

If you have any questions or would like to book please click on the below to get in touch and see the packages.


How far is petersfield from me?

Petersfield's distance from you doesn't matter, as I am a traveling photographer and can come to your location. I am dedicated to providing convenient and professional photography services, regardless of your location. Let's discuss your photography needs, and I will make it work.

Are you a photographer near to me?

I cover the area of London and East Hampshire. However, I travel all over the UK and am more than happy to travel abroad to meet personal or business requirements.

Do you cover photography headshots near me?

Yes! This can be arranged as I'm a travelling photographer. I work in and out of various studios around the UK to accommodate my client's needs. Get in touch to find out more.

studio portrait near me?

If you're searching for a studio portrait photographer near you, I can provide a variety of packages tailored to your needs. Check out my pricing page for more information, or simply reach out via email for more.

Photography Petersfield

I'm blessed to have my work take me to many beautiful locations around the UK, but my home now is in Petersfield. So, I cater to my local area, whether it's events, weddings, product photography, or my mine passion, portrait photography.

Booking photographers in near me

Look no further! Schedule a complimentary consultation to discover why I'm the ideal choice for your photo session. My packages cater to both personal and business requirements, providing a diverse array of options to suit your needs.

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