As a professional dancer, you want to be able to show your potential employers who you really are. When it comes to dancer headshots, this is especially important. Your headshot should capture the essence of who you are as an artist and human being. It should show off your best features while still being tasteful and professional. If you would like more information about how to get amazing headshots for dancers, please read on!

Professional dancers should have a professional image.

You must have a professional headshot if you are a professional dancer. The difference between an amateur headshot and a professional one can be the difference between getting cast in a show or not getting cast at all. A good headshot will help people see your passion for dance and your talent and skill.

Headshots for dancers

Dance headshots allows people to get past the surface level of appearance and into who you really are—your personality, your interests, and what makes you unique. A bad headshot may unintentionally highlight something about yourself that doesn’t align with how others want to perceive you—maybe they think it makes them look too old or too young; maybe they think it looks goofy or awkward; maybe there’s just some other thing about the photo that seems off-putting for whatever reason…Whatever the case may be: when hiring dancers for shows/performances/etc., producers want someone who can bring something unique to their production through their performance (and not by being simply attractive).

Headshots for dancers—Where to have your dancer headshot.

Headshots for dancers do not have to be of a dancer in a studio or in costume. Although those are both great options you need to inform your headshot photographer so he or she can plan your session. 

Dancers headshots can be taken anywhere that they feel comfortable and look their best, such as their home, or even at a park! The most important part of a photo session with a professional is bringing out your unique brand to stand out from the rest of the pack. You hire people like me to help elevate their dance career.

You should have different headshots showing different looks.

Whether it is for your studio or for personal use, you should have different headshots showing different looks. Whether you are trying to get a feature role in a movie or an audition for your dream Broadway show, having the right look can be the difference between getting hired and getting overlooked.

You may think having only one or two headshots is sufficient, but this could cost you big time later. If a casting director sees two of your headshots and doesn't like either of them, they won't even consider calling you in when they need someone with "a strong jawline" or "a cutesy face."

To avoid this scenario from happening to you (or worse yet), make sure that each picture highlights something different about yourself: perhaps one image shows off your cheekbones while another shows off how cutely adorable you can be. This way no matter what type of job comes along next time, there will be some way to represent yourself using one of these images!

A good headshot should be a close-up of just your face, no full-body shots.

A good headshot should be a close-up of your face, no full or three-quarter body shots. This is because if the viewer sees you in the context of your environment, they will not be able to focus on your beauty and grace. When they look at a full body shot, they tend to notice things like clothes and background details instead of focusing on you.

A headshot should also be clear and well-lit to show off your attributes correctly. If there are shadows on your face in an unflattering way or if there is too much light coming from behind you that makes it hard for people to see what kind of expression you have on at all times, then this can take away from how beautiful you are as a person!

Dancers don't need to look like models in their headshots.

Dancers are unique individuals, and their headshots should reflect that. A dancer's headshot shouldn't look like a model's photoshoot; it should be more informal and show the dancer as they naturally are. For example, if you're shy or introverted, it's okay to look like you're having fun in front of the camera!

Also, remember: you don't have to be a supermodel or fitness guru to have a great headshot. Your headshot doesn't need to showcase your amazing abs or toned legs if those aren’t things that are important about yourself (or your dance). Instead, let your photographer capture what makes YOU unique! The best way to achieve this is by working with a photographer who relaxes you during your headshot session. 

You can find a headshot photographer by asking around.

You can find a headshot photographer by asking around your studio or asking other dancers on social media. You can also search on Google.

If you're not sure which studios or photographers to ask, try Googling the following: "best dance photography studio [city]" or "top [dance] photographers in [city]." Make sure to add specific keywords that describe what you need from a photographer, such as "headshot" and/or "model."

The best way to wear your hair and makeup.

As a professional dancer, you're probably used to getting your hair and makeup done by someone else. But if you want to do your own hair and makeup for headshots, you'll need to know what works in pictures. Here are some tips on how to get beautiful images:

  • Choose a hairstyle that looks great when it's photographed. If possible, ask someone who has done lots of professional dance photos before and can help guide you with this decision (i.e., not just anyone).
  • Makeup should be natural and enhance your features rather than cover them up or distract from them. The goal is for the viewer's eye to go straight for the face first—not somewhere else!

Headshots should be fun, but they should be professional.

It is worth investing in a photographer who can create professional portraits with fantastic lighting and posing techniques.

When building a portfolio, it’s important to get fun and creative headshots. This can be done in a variety of ways: your photographer might try different lighting techniques or maybe they will create a cool background for you to pose against. However, as we have discussed above, at the end of the day, when you look at your photos, they should be professional looking.

It is worth investing in a photographer who can create professional portraits with fantastic lighting and posing techniques. They will ensure everything is adequately lit so it looks good on camera (and won't give any unflattering shadows). Furthermore, the photographer will position you so that your face looks its best—so when someone sees one of those images online or in print, there's no question whether it's an effective representation of who you are as an artist!

You should get amazing professional headshots that match your brand.

As a dancer, you want to get headshots that match your brand. Your headshot should be consistent with the character that comes across when you perform and in person. It should also be high quality and authentic.

If you're looking for help finding the right photographer or making sure that your headshots are of the highest possible quality, don't hesitate to reach out!

A good professional headshot will help you get cast in parts that you're perfect for!

There are many reasons why dancers should have headshots. The main reason to get a good one is that it will help you get cast in parts that you're perfect for!

When you go on auditions, your headshot is the first thing a casting director will look at. They might not even read your resume if they don't like your picture (even though they probably should). Your headshot needs to be high quality and make you look like someone who can dance well—and that's not always easy! A lot of dancers take bad photos or have bad lighting or simply aren't photogenic.

The other reason dancers should have headshots is that they're great marketing tools to use when networking with other performers and companies interested in hiring dancers/choreographers/dance teachers/etc...


If you want to be taken seriously as a dancer and have more opportunities, then you should get amazing headshots that match your brand. When people see your headshot, they will know what kind of roles you're perfect for because they will see the essence of who you are in that picture!