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TLT: Baths vs Showers

Just a little thing—I’ve grown to appreciate having a bath, and it's thanks to the Coronavirus!

Yes, I’ve experienced having baths many times in my life, but I didn't like the idea of bathing in my own dirt! A bath also takes longer to prep, set and to clean! This amount of time needs to be scheduled into my day as it's time-consuming. A shower is a totally different experience; there’s no marinating in your own dirt, and it's quick and cost-effective. However, I have been enjoying my special, quiet times in solitude, away from the energetic kids, who scream every five minutes for daddy to play with them! It has become a time of reflection, a time where I could plan my day/week of marketing and strategise my business direction as a photographer.

I know now why a bath is advantageous to many! Why my wife loves to lock herself in the bathroom and be gone for hours, soaking the muscles, relaxing the mind then to emerge from a steamy bathroom feeling refreshed and invigorated. The freedom, the relaxation, the peace is something no one can replace. Time for yourself is essential.

I have learnt to appreciate this little gift.

What about you, bath or shower, what's your preference and why?