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Self-employment and the Coronavirus

Boris has finally done it! We are on lockdown!

Yesterday was one of the most significant announcements I’ve ever witnessed in my life! Boris Johnson, as anticipated from Sunday’s announcement, has now called for stricter measures and have demanded that all people everywhere stay in their houses to avoid more corona cases. At the time of writing this blog, there are a total of 6,650 cases, 335 deaths with a recovery unit of 135 in the UK alone. Worldwide we are looking at 391,947 cases, 17,138 deaths with a recovery unit of 102,843. While the infections are increasing the evidence of recovery outweighs the number of deaths, which is positive. 

The world is in a state of fear, uncertainty and probably soon coming disorder. 

This virus has disrupted the economy with markets crashing, company closures, employees released from their duties and self-employment uncertainty. Nothing is guaranteed. The government seem to be doing their best to accommodate unemployed workers and business, but self-employed entrepreneurs seem to be somewhat a foggy conclusion. 

I’m a self-employed portrait photographer, who in fact, was made redundant in October last year. I decided to run my own business instead of looking for another 9-5 job as a Graphic Designer, so as a new business, this has also had a slight dent in my business. I’ve had several jobs cancelled due to the outbreak and with new instructions to limit movement, there’s no way to make money the usual way. I now, like many must adapt to change.

Remain calm! 

The only thing I can do at present is to remain calm! An old colleague of mine said this as I emailed her for possible work:

“First of all, let me give you a piece of advice from someone who lived in several crises in Argentina and also like a mum: do not panic. You are right in foreseeing what might happen, but try to keep calm. Otherwise, you might make mistakes unwillingly.”

The above is the advice I choose to follow and share with you! There’s very little you can do in times like these, and panicking is not one of them. Plan your next venture, learn and upgrade your skills, plan for the upcoming months financially but don’t panic. Panic only breeds fear, worry and anxiety, which can be crippling and detrimental to your health. For me, I’m updating my work, looking for new clients I would love to work with when the dust settles and spending more time with my family. I’m a huge believer that God shall bring us through this, so my faith also helps me to stay grounded through the various valleys I have to climb. These are tests, tests that will only make you stronger and more determined to succeed. 

Stay safe!