Boyd Visuals

I’ve Rebranded!

OMD, why?

Yes, I’ve rebranded, and I think it’s come at the right time! I strongly considered that Darren Boyd Photography was a bit dated, and didn’t fit the current style of work I was producing. I believe ‘Boyd Visuals’ will be more fitting, and that the new name is flexible enough for me to start advertising as a videographer, my other hidden skill. 

New website design and branding

Old design

The new site design was created through Format, while the former was through Smugmug. Both web builders have their pros and cons. Still, one thing that irritated me about Smugmug was the unnecessary ‘Powered By Smugmug’ info that sat annoyingly in the footer of my website (see image below). Yes, I was a paying customer, and yes, I tried to find ways to have this removed. According to the team at Smugmug, you cannot remove this, you can only amend the size and placement of this eye-sore. It’s a baffling decision!

I also desired to have larger images that would make an immediate impact on my visitors. I felt very restricted with the functionality Smugmug provided in comparison to that of Formats. I wanted to focus on the UX design (user experience) by providing a more natural way to navigate around my website. More straightforward navigation will increase the length of time my visitors spend on my site. So I have taken advantage of utilising clickable images on my homepage. This is advantageous because it reduces the time taken for scrolling and clicking (interaction). The results! All photos on my homepage are now clickable and will lead you to the gallery of images from that photoshoot. 

I have the desire and the hope for all visitors to return to my site, so I’m also taking advantage of the ‘Subscription Feature’ that Format has as part of their Pro package. I’ve not tried this feature yet, but if you are interested in my progress through the photography world, then subscribe. I shall be sharing behind the scenes materials from photoshoots, tutorials, personal projects and many more. So do subscribe as I want my adventure to be yours also. 

I’m super excited about this new journey I will have with you in 2020.

Have a fantastic day!