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  1. Cocoa Girl Magazine – BBC News!

    28 Jul 2020
    Cocoa Girl Magazine featured today on BBC News and has been seen by millions worldwide! At the time of writing, the interview has aired three times, and my wife phone hasn’t stopped ringing.  It’s been amazing to see not only my wife and daughter make such a positive impact on…

  2. Basic Photography Terminology Part 1

    15 May 2020
    Having problems understanding the terminology thrown around when organising photoshoots? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, grab your hot drink and in five minutes you shall be enlightened.   Photography terminology is highly essential when it comes to landing a job, organising shoots, and working with brands and…

  3. TLT: Baths vs Showers

    16 Apr 2020
    Just a little thing—I’ve grown to appreciate having a bath, and it's thanks to the Coronavirus! Yes, I’ve experienced having baths many times in my life, but I didn't like the idea of bathing in my own dirt! A bath also takes longer to prep, set and to clean! This…

  4. Self-employment and the Coronavirus

    24 Mar 2020
    Boris has finally done it! We are on lockdown! Yesterday was one of the most significant announcements I’ve ever witnessed in my life! Boris Johnson, as anticipated from Sunday’s announcement, has now called for stricter measures and have demanded that all people everywhere stay in their houses to avoid more…

  5. Metro and Channel 5 loves Cocoa Girl Book

    11 Mar 2020
    What an amazing few weeks!  Two weeks ago, Cocoa Girl Book was featured both in the Metro online, and live on Channel 5 News (see interview link on your left)! Since the official launch in January, the book has had a fantastic response from parents, children and now celebrities, all…